Wage Violations
Understanding the consequences of wage violations is important for business owners and employees. Let us inform you of your rights if you have not been paid your wages or, as a business owner, are facing a frivolous lawsuit for unpaid wages.

Wage Violations

Our attorneys are ready to help you if you have been truly treated unfairly at work. We have experienced attorneys ready to help you with the following:

  • Unpaid wages and/or overtime
  • Breach of employment contract

Additionally, we help many employers meet their employment needs. The companies we represent are guided by our attorneys in preparing the right Employee Handbooks and by frequent consultation as other situations arise.

If you are a business owner let us advise you on the best practices to avoid frivolous lawsuits initiated by unscrupulous employees who know the costs to defend such cases can become exorbitant.

If you are an employee and have been exploited by your boss for nonpayment or have been underpaid, including minimum wage and overtime violations, please let us explain your rights and the best course of action to recover the money you have earned.

At Pappas Legal Group Group, we have attorneys ready to help

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